Fertility & Pregnancy

Jane has a strong passion for working closely with couples (including same sex and single women) to see them achieve their aims of a healthy pregnancy and baby. Whether trying to conceive naturally or through IVF Jane aims  to support and enhance your journey and make it as stress free as possible. Jane also loves working with those who are recently pregnant. During pregnancy Jane sees women weekly for the first trimester, then monthly during 2nd trimester and then again weekly at 36 weeks to help with birth preparation. For Breech or malposition Jane likes to start treatment between 32-35 weeks when the baby still has enough room to turn. 


Muscular aches pains and Injuries

Acupuncture is excellent at freeing up the tension and discomfort of muscular and joint aches and pains allowing more flexibility and better mobility. For these treatments Jane will assess which channels are affected and first clear some of the discomfort using points and channel theory away from the problem area. Then Jane will treat more locally to the area and will often use moxa therapy, needling, therapeutic heat lamp and/or cupping in different stages. Whether your problem is recent or you've had it for many years, treatments can be a great help.


Anxiety & Wellbeing

Today's daily grind means that for most people’s stress has become a part of life. There is no denying the calming effects of acupuncture help all that receive it regularly cope better, sleep better and deal with stress in a much more manageable way. It truly is amazing to see the transformation that happens during a treatment. And fantastic to hear that resonate into every day life. 


Digestive Issues

Digestive issues are so common these days that its rare to see anyone who doesn't have some sort of imbalance whether minor or major. Understanding these imbalances using oriental medicine theory and applying appropriate treatment can help to get you back on track.

Treatment is also excellent for nausea, improving appetite and helping to curve your appetite if weight loss is your desire.



Any and Every Other Health Issue

Oriental medicine aims to treat the individual and not the disease. One disease, such as diabetes, can present differently in different people and show up as a different pattern and therefore a different treatment. This is the beauty of this medicine. Assessing an individual and putting together the pieces of the whole puzzle to develop treatments that will work for them is what Jane loves most about her job. In other words taking an holistic approach.