Initial Consultation

75 MINUTES $120

Please arrive 5 minutes early to fill out a new patient form.

Follow Up Consultation

45-55 MINUTES $75 

Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance through HICAPS is available so you can claim on the spot, only paying the gap. Remember to bring your Private Health Insurance card with you.

What to Expect

An acupuncture session will involve first discussing your reason for coming or main presenting issue as well as going over any other health issues in the past or present. An overview of every system is also carried out to better understand how the body is working as a whole. Some questions may seem unrelated but could be an important piece to the puzzle of your health.

The treatment itself will be tailored to your needs and may involve several stages using various types of tools such as needles, ion pumping cords, moxa techniques or cupping. All of which are found to be relaxing as well as beneficial.

You will discuss a manageable treatment plan that works for you and Jane will also offer insightful and supportive advice to help guide you through what-ever your issue may be.


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