Acupuncture Needles

Embody Balance uses only fine sterile disposable needles. Placed on acupuncture points relating to your presenting pattern of diagnosis, these fine needles have the amazing ability to restore balance.



Suction cupping is a great way to release tight muscle tension but did you know they can also be used to help digestive function and respiratory issues.



Moxa gives a lovely warmth and comfort to a treatment while enhancing the effect of the needles and the heat itself has an infrared healing effect on the surface of the skin.

Embody-Balance-acupuncture-palpation-pulse dig.jpg


Palpation is a hands on way of discovering the imbalances in the body. Palpating the radial or wrist pulse for example can tell us a wealth of information on what is going on with the individual organs. Palpating the abdomen is a form of diagnosis in Japanese acupuncture and palpating the acupuncture channels and points can give yet another lot of information which is so valuable to help form a treatment suitable only to you.