Please call, email or text Jane directly to find out how acupuncture can help you or to ask any further questions. 

p. 0423 677 426

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Clinic Location


Eve Studio
171 Sydney Rd, Brunswick.

Eve Studio is a bright, welcoming and beautiful studio for women by women. The space is incredible. Within a great big space there is a yoga studio, pilates studio, dance room and workout room, offering over 40 classes a week (this number will rise). Embody Balance:Women’s Acupuncture Clinic is within this space offering a cosy, warm and relaxing environment to receive treatment. As an extra treat you will receive a voucher for One Free Week of classes when you come to see me or any of my colleagues, within the Wellness Collective, for the first time at Eve.

Travel and Parking

Eve Studio
171 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Car - 2hr street parking. Lots of car parks in the area also. Look out for the big P signs.

WARNING: 4-6pm clear way on same side of street as Eve Studio 

Train - The closest station is Jewell. The clinic is a 6 minute walk from there.

Tram - Number 19 Tram runs along Sydney Rd. Disembark at either Glenlyon Rd or Barkley Sq.